How to organize and hold an effective and interesting conference

When planning a conference the organizing company may pursue different goals. For certain companies this is the main business, while some companies just want to try something new; somebody at all positions himself as the industry leader and conferences help to consolidate this status. Here are some practical tips on how to dilute the situation and to organize a truly memorable conference.

1 . Take a risk.
About 60 percent of the conference budget go to the tested and proved themselves in the best way ideas, while the rest 40 per cent should be aimed at testing new products in the industry market.

Finally, only half of these innovations will be really successful, but even failure will help to make the conference interesting and send a required message to the guests.

2 . Give participants the opportunity to form the program.
Innovative methods allow creating a variety of applications, including those thanks to which the guests of the conference can actively participate in program formation. Offer the participants to choose the speakers and topics, as well as create blogs and forums, where guests will be able to discuss ideas prior to the event.
3 . Pay particular attention to the lounge areas.
Give your guests the opportunity to relax and take a breath. A well-arranged lounge area – is an excellent opportunity to meet and share opinions on the conference.

4 . Require unique reports from the speakers.
Inform the speakers that you expect from them only original presentation. Make sure that the invited guest does not present the viewer the same report for several years, and really valuable to your audience.

5 . Use a personal approach to each participant.
Having appointed a special person to confirm applications and conduct correspondence with each of the participants, you express your respect for the guests of the conference. This will help to strengthen ties between the guests and the organizing company.

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