Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan

Novruz is one of the brightest and tastiest Azerbaijani holidays. It is celebrated on the vernal equinox and symbolizes the renewal of nature and the beginning of a new life. This is one of the most long-awaited holidays in Azerbaijan, loved by both adults and children. These days, the streets of the city are drastically changing: the streets are literally drowning in the shine of lanterns and garlands.




When the holiday comes, it is necessary to leave the house and go out to the yard and, standing under an open sky, make a wish. This custom still exists.

To this day also remained a custom of firing ritual bonfires, lighting torches and candles, painting eggs (symbolizing the birth of a new life), sprouting wheat or barley grains and putting them on a festive table together with various sweets.

Festive treats



On the table, there is a festive tray (honcha), in the middle of it – a plate with sprouted wheat, brightly colored eggs (which, incidentally, resemble Easter eggs), sweets (ShekerBura, Baklava (honeyed pastry), Sheker-Churek ).

Traditionally, there should be seven dishes on the festive table, the names of which begin with the letter “s”: sabzi (parsley greens), sudzhuk (frozen molasses with nut stuffing), etc.

This bright spring holiday is one of the most important events in Azerbaijan! Become a part of the most beautiful and ancient holiday in 2019 with BTL Azerbaijan!

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